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Watch award-winning documentary about five farmers who expose the humane myth and share their inspiring stories of transformation


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Toward Justice for Animals: What We Can Do Today

Helping animals now and in the future does not require collaborating with animal-exploiting industries, misleading the public, promoting "humane" animal products, or otherwise violating our values and trading away the foundations of long-term change.

There are far better ways to work for change that we can be confident will help, and not hurt. For example:

We can start by helping as many people as possible understand who animals are, why it is morally wrong to use and kill them, and how the solution to numerous public health, social, economic and environmental problems of catastrophic proportions is the widespread adoption of a diet free of animal products.

We can work to bring an end to the use of animals for food, clothing, research and entertainment, and support the development and widespread adoption of nonviolent alternatives to these products and practices.

We can relentlessly expose the injustices committed by the animal-using industry and the misleading tactics used by those who enable it.

We can rescue and offer sanctuary to animals enduring neglect, abuse, exploitation, or facing premature death.

We can oppose the exotic animal trade and the breeding of companion animals, and we can support the "No Kill" movement.

We can protect and restore the habitat of free-living animals, stand up for their right to exist on their own terms, and we can oppose hunting and wildlife killing programs.

We can support the efforts of those leading other movements for justice and environmental sanity.

We can be positive role models by striving to live ever more free of participation in the exploitation of others, human and nonhuman alike.

Such life-affirming activities speak to what is best in human potential, and are inherently more difficult for those in the animal-exploiting industries to derail, discredit or co-opt in service of their destructive agenda.

A better way of working for change, a better way of life, and a more just and compassionate world are attainable goals.

Working together, we can achieve them all.

For more insight into this approach, see The Humane Declaration and Resist Objectification.