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Animal advocacy
Animal husbandry
Animal protection
Animal rights
Animal welfare
Animal welfare industrial complex
Animal-using industries
Conflict of Interest
Conscientious objection
Critical thinking
Doctrine of necessary evil
Happy Meat
Humane myth
Humane slaughter
Non-participation and Non-cooperation
Non-violent social change
Open Rescue
Path of Conscience
Plant-based diet
Privilege of domination
Values-based activism


You will notice that this site offers many tools for reaching out to others, from media articles you can email to your friends and colleagues, to T-shirts and bumper-stickers you can wear and publicly display. All of these communications tools were created to empower you to make more people aware that the Humane Myth exists, how it is being propagated, and what they need to know to make truly informed choices.

The purpose of this site is very focused--to address the problems being caused by the Humane Myth. HumaneMyth.org makes no attempt to encompass all the many ways to help animals. Therefore, there are many fine organizations whose names may not be mentioned on this site. Similarly, those individuals and organizations that do offer commentary on the site are only a small subset of the many who share their concerns worldwide.

This web site was created by an informal international coalition of people who have a history of working together on various projects over the years. Within this community, there are many different perspectives and points of view, and even strong disagreement on some points. Where there is consensus, however, is on the need to address the Humane Myth and to offer the public an alternative point of view.

Currently, the humane myth is being actively propagated by corporations and organizations with large budgets and access to public relations consultants. To counteract this influence, a large number of concerned citizens must carry an alternative message, in all kinds of ways: online, in the community, at the grocery store, at schools and colleges, at events and conferences, and in the media.

We hope that HumaneMyth.org will encourage you to get involved and join the movement for change. Never underestimate the power of your own thoughts and intuitions, your own choices, and your own voice.

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